LN #439 – ShockToberFest

It's Oktoberfest!

It’s Oktoberfest!


Pick up a cold mug (or two) of beer with Langdon, Michael, Germar and the beautiful Crysta; the gang is celebrating Oktoberfest, analyzing the CNN GOP Presidential Debate, Trump and Crysta’s sexual attraction to John Boehner; we have major inside information on the recent stabbing by, and subsequent manhunt for, suspect – and Emmy winner – Andre Bauth; Germar was literally the man on the inside for this story, and it’s a wild one complete with mental illness, ex-cons and, um, acting classes; we also celebrate our very good actor friend Charles Shaughnessy, from Days Of Our Lives, The Nanny and his own “Here’s A Thought” on TradioV; he always¬† participates in the Rodman Ride every year, but can’t be in Boston this time, so he’s doing a virtual ride in the studio; we’re proud of him and we’re going to be broadcasting his furious feat live on TradioV this Saturday, September 26th beginning at 8am PST; join us for the fun and, if you can, donate; he’s riding in support of the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps, an amazing organization which we’ll feature in the live special on Saturday; more info, pics and links are all on the website; click the arrow below to listen or “Download” to save for later; enjoy, Nation.


Germar, Crysta and Michael After The Show at Champagne Studios

Germar, Crysta and Michael After The Show at Champagne Studios


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Charlies Rodman Ride 1


LN #254 – Rocktoberfest!

The seasons are changing, fall is in the air, special beers are being brewed – and Langdon is drinking them in multiples: it’s Octoberfest and the Crew is celebrating!…Cory brings his girlfriend (she’s not on the mic, but she’s not imaginary either; in fact, she’s gorgeous); Mary decided today would be a naughty day and the Crew takes her lead, letting their “inner potty mouths” speak loudly and proudly in this wild episode that covers childhood movies, drinking games, and German drag queens; Gwen Stefani somehow makes it into the studio, along with our old friend and former P.A., Kira Carino; the Crew realizes that Mary needs a Nation Nickname and you can’t miss their hilarious suggestions (you can make your own, by the way); there’s also a disappearing Butterfinger,¬†an insanely crazy story from Langdon’s past, and a gay Boxer (yay!); plus, details about the Third Anniversary Blow Out Party that you can’t miss!

Breanna’s Real!…Real Hot!


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