LN #190 – Sh*t People Say


The iconic cilvil rights hero, Martin Luther King, Jr.In a ridiculous attempt to salute and celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Langdon and the Crew get distracted by sh*t people say, especially the YouTube sensation by comic Billy Sorrells and the multitude of spin-offs the hilarious video has spurred; and speaking of speech – how long can they go without cursing?…as you might have guessed, it’s not very long at all, but they seriously discuss cleaning up the language of the show and launching the deliciously dirty spin-off, “Langdon Nation: After Dark;” there’s also recycled toilet paper, Michael’s new propensity for sub-machine guns and Langdon’s magic unicorn; Cory also tells the harrowing true story of surviving the LA arsonist and we have the latest on Brian Whitman; plus, there’s Booze & News, a new G-Spot and the long-awaited correction finally comes to the Martin Luther King, Jr. monument in Washington, D.C. – enjoy!


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