LN #431 – Private Sessions: Mission Possible

Another "Private Sessions" Episode For You

Another “Private Sessions” Episode For You

Langdon takes on the studio equipment – and you, one-on-one – in another (long-awaited) “Private Sessions;” in addition to the normal personal challenge of speaking with you for an hour, without editing and without the help of the Crew, Langdon is adding the challenge of not cussing at all in the episode; there’s lots of laughs – especially with the sneak previews of Scout Durwood’s new comedy album, Woman of Whimsy – and lots of deep-dish talk, too, from the interwebs crash conspiracy to the release of court documents proving Bill Cosby gave drugs to women; we’ve also got the most passionate speech you’ll ever hear from a Congressperson; as the Confederate flag controversy comes to a head in South Carolina, we have a once in a lifetime moment from Representative Jenny Horne live on the floor of the House in South Carolina; I also make a call to The Brit With Wit to hear his reaction to the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s big win, the upcoming Rocky movie Creed and the news that’s rocking the Geek World – there will be a Han Solo prequel movie!…there’s also big news about “After Dark” on KCAA; all this, plus links, pics and our new YouTube videos are all at the website; click the arrow below to listen or “Download” to save for later; enjoy, Nation!


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Representative Jenny Horne Tearing It Up From the Floor

Representative Jenny Horne Tearing It Up From the Floor



The New Rocky Movie Starring Michael B. Jordan

The New Rocky Movie Starring Michael B. Jordan