LN 314 – The Naughty Show!


One of the wildest rides ever today as Langdon and The Crew welcome back their brother-in-funny-arms to TradioV for a fantastic live show: actor, comic and former co-host Alfie Olson storms into the station for a whirlwind, sexual circus; he brings comic and filmmaker RG Curry with him and it’s an absolute party (in everyone’s pants!); the cast and crew of the hit film festival favorite, Big Gay Love, also join the fun today, with David Zimmerman, Ann Walker and Ringo Le giving movie secrets, insights into the creative process and lots of laughs; it’s a crazy combination of sweet and naughty, with a tribute to gay boxer Emile Griffith, Sharknado, and The Plague striking L.A.; plus, Uranium on a plane, “How to Roofie” by Dan, and another amazing rant by Langdon; also, Langdon goes under the table to top off the inappropriate humor with some visuals you just can’t miss! And, remember, there are always more pictures and links on the website and in the FB Listener Room!  (P.S. – if you’re keeping track, this is episode #22 of “Live From TradioV;” we’re just giving the shows wacky titles again.  Enjoy!)


RG Curry and Alfie Olson

RG Curry and Alfie Olson


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The Lovely Ann Walker and Handsome Ringo Le, of "Big Gay Love"

The Lovely Ann Walker and Handsome Ringo Le, of “Big Gay Love”

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