LN #378 – Big Bear Badness

Lang W Bear Face

Don’t be scared, it’s just Langdon and The Crew taping a special show for you from California’s famed Big Bear Lake; they escape from LA and rent a log cabin (or mansion, as Michael Rutt puts it so eloquently) to party, er…relax; listen to the hilarity that ensues one night after crazy cooking and lots of liquor; there’s “Fun With The Bible,” Domino Domination and even domestic violence within the ranks of the show (not really); there’s also hints of the the scary/fun fact that the show is now one degree of separation from Steven Spielberg, thank you Kevin Bacon; if only it were a positive degree, and not one that might get Langdon into trouble (again); what’s on your bucket list?…saying yes, and peeing in the woods are all part of the show, plus Langdon gets manly, Mike takes on Deepak Chopra and Tony has a Bit Coin plan to personal profit; or, does he…tons more fun and plenty of exclusive pics are at the website, so check ’em out; enjoy, Nation!

We're All Going To Hell

We’re All Going To Hell


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Dan Getting The Grill Going - Hopefully We Don't Set The Place On Fire!

Dan Getting The Grill Going – Hopefully We Don’t Set The Place On Fire!

We Celebrated Our "Den Mother" Amber's Birthday

We Celebrated Our “Den Mother” Amber’s Birthday




LN #242 – Welcome Back Hotter


We’re So Lucky, Our Listeners Become Friends

The bold and beautiful J. Nichole Brooks (aka Double D) is back and the crew throws a celebratory orgy to welcome her home; they’re joined by some special listeners from the SoCal area who have become like family:  “the luckiest man alive,” Alex Bernstein, and the one and only Amber Mora and her boyfriend Rogelio Moreno; and they don’t waste a second before busting out with some naughty secrets from the recent listener party, including who made with who, a possible black-out, and some new reasons to question Langdon’s gayness (and his memory); there’s also not one, but two, dramas that unfold in the studio; one, frighteningly enough, involves an armed gunman and the other some disgruntled neighbors that may pose a real-life, disturbing problem for Langdon – and the show…

The Lovely Double D, Back In Langdon’s Arms


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