LN #100 – PaDOW!

It’s a party in your pants as Langdon and the Crew celebrate thier 100th podcast with this wacky retrospective (and wildly interactive) episode; theres Will Ferrell, hard cocks, and the origin of a bizarre love triangle that gets acted out in the studio, complete with musical score; we all look back at our favorite (and most embarrassing) moments and guests, including the one who simultaneously turned Langdon on and gave Corey hysterical blindness; there’s breaking news in this episode, too, as radio beauty, Crysta Garner, challenges the entertainment industry to take her on – and she wants to take Langdon along with her; there are shout outs and thank yous to members of the Nation (wish we could have mentioned you all!), plus an amazing 100th Episode Anthum from the Peanuts and  clips from the very first podcast with Randy Wang, Gina Grad, Vargus Mason and…POP!


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