LN #429 – Fantastical With Frangela


Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton are Frangela (And Fabulous!)

Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton are Frangela (And Fabulous!)

Super excited to have these super ladies of comedy, Frances Callier and Angela Shelton who together are Frangela, the hilarious comedy duo known for being the “Pop Culture Pundits” on the Today Show, Dateline, Fox, CNN and their popular podcast, “Idiot of the Week;” they are real-life best friends and they are hilariously taking over the world and dominating our hearts in this special episode; they talk about friendship, bacon-eating vegetarians and almost dying filming NBC’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here; from Sophia Vergara’s inability to keep her hands off of Magic Mike’s Channing Tatum to World Naked Bike Ride Day, this show is a blast; there’s also deep-discussion of the current Confederate Flag controversy and SCOTUS’s Marriage Equality decision and all its glittering implications; plus, Crysta confesses to wanting bigger boobs and Frangela does a friendervention; behind the scenes pics, links to the video and the girls, and more are all at the website; click the arrow to listen or “Download” to save for later; enjoy, Nation.



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Langdon Can't Keep His Hands Off Frangela

Langdon Can’t Keep His Hands Off Frangela

After The Show Fun With Frangela

After The Show Fun With Frangela




LN #252 – Hashtag Hilarious

The Very Funny Cast of Failing Upwards the Series

Two stars of the new hit web-series, Failing Upwards, roar into the studio to help tame the Crew (who are fighting on air today!); our friend Matt Crabtree, of Will & Grace, brings Langdon some chocolate goodness in the form of the very funny actor of Second City, Pip Lilly, and together they laugh until it hurts; the champagne and the conversation are really flowing in this episode with the lovely Sophia Vergara and her recent wardrobe malfunction at the Emmys, big news of the world’s top ten beers and the controversial picture of a UFO that Google Maps caught and has the interwebs all a buzz; we learn about the Black Illuminati, Pip’s concept of Naggotry and some of the world’s most unfortunate names; The G Spot returns with an amazing follow up (and proof of the goodness in most peoples’ hearts – awwwww); plus, details about the big, big, big Third Anniversary Blow Out Party, a trailer for the fabulous Failing Upwards and lots of behind the scenes photos – all on the website!

Affable Matt Crabtree


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