LN #273 – Private Sessions 13 (The Mega Show)

2012 imageIt’s a new year and now it’s officially a Langdon Nation tradition to begin by taking a look back with the Prince of nerdy podcasters, Michael Show; he’s back to try and get through a 2012 Year In Review, but Buffy The Vampire Slayer, loose women and Adam Carolla somehow get in his way; Langdon also does his best to sexually harass him – the only problem is, he seems to like it this time!…could this be the start of a new Bromance?…all the drama, all the love in this episode, plus the most annoying song of 2012, some goodbyes to those that made departures and a brief peek at some of the top news stories of 2012, including those that will likely continue to affect us in 2013 like the hot topic of gun control and the re-election of President Barack Obama; it wouldn’t be a Private Sessions if Langdon wasn’t confessing, so tune in to hear how he spent his New Year’s Eve, what (drama) happened in Florida, and what he has in store for the show…and his sex life!

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