LN #331 – Presidential Affairs

Actor Ronnie Butler as President Barack Obama

Actor Ronnie Butler as President Barack Obama


It’s a special episode celebrating Pip and Langdon’s birthdays, Naomi’s first video shoot for The Bandits, and loving life in general; to help us out today we have the hosts of TradioV’s own Classic American Bars, Johnny Cosmo and Ralph Odierna; together they discuss what makes the coolest watering holes, filmmaking in Italy and great dating tips; we also have one of the hosts of our newer shows, Man Chat, Ronnie Butler, who is funny, charming and also happens to be the world’s top Obama impersonator; (a dream come true, for Langdon, we’re sure); we’re also joined by author Ed Jakubik, who penned the new thriller, The Doll Collector;” it’s a very scary book, and a very funny interview; there’s also puppetry of the penis, the wacky habits of Orthodox Jews and Miley Cyrus’ tongue; these guys are great guests, and now great friends, so you can’t miss this episode, especially because of the surprise phone call from “President Clinton;” behind the scenes pics, links and more are all at the website.

Langdon's Favorite President...For a Reason

Langdon’s Favorite President…For a Reason


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