LN #278 – A Whole Lotta Love

Author and Men's Dating Expert, Linda Gross

Author and Men’s Dating Expert, Linda Gross

Valentine’s Day is approaching and Cupid has aimed his arrows at the entire Crew who are still ecstatic after their premiere live broadcast on TradioV; they talk openly about some of the behind the scenes funny business and what it was like to be on the radio and television at the same time; to help us examine relationships we have a very special guest, the top ten blogger of “Dating Tips For Men” and author of the new book, The Caveman Formula, Linda Gross; after extensive research (you won’t believe how many men she interviewed!) she’s come up with a unique and guaranteed formula to help men to attract, and keep, the right woman; there’s also a fabulous, live crank phone call to Facts of Life superstar (and Langdon’s personal hero) Geri Jewell, plenty of naughty jokes, both Viewer Mail and (the last?) edition of Booze & News!

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Geri Jewell, One of Langdon's Personal Heroes

Geri Jewell, One of Langdon’s Personal Heroes