LN #183 Whiskey Throttle


Painting in Progress - The Crew Is So Happy!

Langdon does Motocross in this wild ride; it’s pretty damned funny as Cory tries to educate him about motorcycles, dirt bikes and racing; Langdon’s nephew, Rick,  even joins in the melee to tell his biking horror story that ends with a possible fracture and lying to his mother (with Langdon coaching him on how to lie better); this is the funniest, funnest episode, which is perfect to bring in the holiday season; and what better things to talk about for holiday cheer than Mr. Magoo, beazors, and Christopher Walken; “Spotted Dick” and Rubber Suit Man (from American Horror Story) make a frighteningly funny appearance; plus, Langdon introduces the new segment, “Brit Bashing!” and makes (yet another) confession!


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