LN #443 – Damn That Was Good, Part I

"Damn, that was good," is exactly how you'll feel after listening to the mega-cast."

“Damn, that was good,” is exactly how you’ll feel after listening to the mega-cast.”

It was the best of shows, it was the worst of shows…wait!  It really was a blast doing Langdon Nation and, after over six years, it’s time for the party to come to a magical end.  This is part one of the grand finale of the show that we have so loved making.  We’ve got a host of surprise celebrities popping in and the amazing comedy duo Frangela is on the couch to help us look back and celebrate this transition.  This episode is also a reunion of sorts, a family reunion, as some of our favorite cast members from the past return to the party for “just one more drink.”  We’ll have more details – and some Ah-Mazing pictures – in the next post.  Langdon and the Crew just want to say thanks for the memories, we have genuinely loved it and love you.  And, please stay in touch with us; there is a link at LangdonNation.com to sign up for our (way overdue) Newsletter; just click the link for this specific show and you’ll see the sign up box on the right.  Or, you can send us an e-mail to LangdonNation@gmail.com and we will definitely write you back and keep all of you updated on our projects and lives.  Don’t worry; we WILL be seeing each other again!

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